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Edge Technologies

AMGDisk uses the utmost technologically advanced tools to manage the entire manufacturing process internally creating super quality products.


AMGDisk is the result of Made in Italy at its best immersed in the magnificent heart of Naples. The Neapolitan artistic and cultural tradition inspires the company creativity and its products, offered in Italy and abroad.

and speed

The strong identity imprint stemming from the millenary culture of Naples combines with modern digital technologies. This allows AMGDisk to create customized quality products at high speed. Also, to add special effects such as ennobling and UV3D finishing.

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Production and duplication
of CD and DVD

We produce and duplicate CD and DVD carrying out constant quality control during all phases of the processing cycle.

Ennobled printing

We ennoble your printing with 3D with UV effect, perfect for all types of large and small printings: company brochures, product catalogues, prestigious invitations, up to business cards!

Vinyl production and duplication

We produce vinyl records loved by youngest and older fans who wish to listen a product of the highest musical quality. Intended for enthusiasts and collectors.

AmgDisk Servizi
Special manual processing

We realize the customer’s ideas, working creatively on their needs. The manual processing enhances and makes the finished product unique.

Customized packaging

We create customized packaging for the market distribution, even at newsstands, of CDs and DVDs. These may be in turn contained in accessories such as jewel boxes and DVDboxes or in paper converting packs.

Non-paper customized packaging

We produce all types of packaging in the materials requested by the customer.

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Our philosophy

Every day Italian ingenuity and Neapolitan creativity and culture inspire
all daily activities in AMGDisk. This commitment does not end with the
production cycle, as we listen carefully to the customer’s needs to
always advise them for the best.

Strengthened by almost thirty years of experience, AMGDisk staff
offers highly qualified pre- and post-sales assistance.
Customers are followed from the start of the formal copyright
(SIAE in Italy) management process to the design and finalization
of the most possible sophisticated packaging.

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All our products meet very high quality standards and are designed specifically for every type of request.


Jewel box and Carton box


DVD plastic and Carton box

12” - 33 RPM

LP Cases and Envelopes
for 12”, 10” and 7” vinyl

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Productive process

The entire production process – from physical optical media and vinyl to paper materials, from wrapping to packaging – takes place internally with the guarantee of continuous and constant control.

Glass Mastering
CD/DVD production
Vinyl production
Pre-press and press graphic design
Copyright management
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