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28 years of passion

  • 2008
  • 2012
  • 2014
  • 2019
  • 2021
AmgDisk acquires the company

AmgDisk acquires the company, improving the CD and DVD manufacturing quality and specializing in complex production and packaging: special enclosures for music projects, audio books, boxsets, all types of shrink-wrapping and editorial packaging.

Opening a branch in Milan

Opening a branch in Milan The company expands its activity and opens its own sales office in Milan, at the Self-Distribution venue, one of the most important enterprises dedicated to the industry of national music.

Production of 12’’ – 33 RPM vinyl records

Production of 12’’ – 33 RPM vinyl records AmgDisk is among the very first companies in Italy to resume distribution and production of the 12’’ – 33 RPM vinyl format, as well as being the only enterprise to establish an important partnership with one of the most renowned vinyl production companies in the world, with an exclusive focus on the quality required to make this type of product.

Department Expansion

Department Expansion The company sets up a new department exclusively dedicated to the printing process and configuration of paper and stationery, making use of the latest-generation printing devices. In collaboration with some international artists and distributors, it introduces to the world of the music industry the groundbreaking UV3D method of embossed ennobling, revolutionizing the concepts of packaging and home video. With this new technology Amg has crafted prints and finishes for Eagle Pictures with the exclusive O’Card for Bluray, also attracting the attention of customers from other fields.

The revolutionary AmgPack is born

Today AMGDisk is the only Italian company to retain the whole productive cycle internally: from the glass mastering process needed to craft the matrix of CD-DVD optical media up to the completion of the whole printing process and final packaging, only to further enhance the presentation with the groundbreaking UV3D system. Always ready to provide new solutions to the customers, in September 2021 the company releases the exclusive patented product “AmgPack”, an alternative to the CD jewelbox created to raise awareness and minimize the use of plastic.

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New technologies

AMGDisk is one of the best companies in Italy. It is equipped with a technologically advanced production plant for the production of CDs, DVDs and VINYLS completed by the relative PACKAGING. All vertically integrated for high quality and high speed.

AMGDisk is the only company in Italy to have complete production independence and a very high quality standard, ensured by the sophisticated glass mastering system for all CD and DVD formats and by latest generation screen printing and offset printing lines.

Unbeatable quality
Neapolitan Creativity
Passion for
the final result

La passione per l’arte e la creatività ci consentono di raggiungere obiettivi sempre più importanti.


Siamo leader nella produzione e duplicazione di supporti ottici in Italia e in Europa.

Quality of
raw materials

La qualità dei prodotti è assicurata dalla selezione delle materie prime e del sofisticato impianto di glass mastering.

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Our philosophy

Every day Italian ingenuity and Neapolitan creativity and culture inspire all daily activities in AMGDisk. This commitment does not end with the production cycle, as we listen carefully to the customer’s needs to always advise them for the best.

Strengthened by almost thirty years of experience, AMGDisk staff offers highly qualified pre- and post-sales assistance. Customers are followed from the start of the formal copyright (SIAE in Italy) management process to the design and finalization of the most possible sophisticated packaging. © 2023 - AMG srl with registered office in Amg srl Sede legale: p.zza Immacolata 10/12 napoli 80129 - P.IVA 06199141216 - @Design VIB Group