All products and services

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All Products and services

We offer qualified services that allow us to create unique and exclusive products in terms of material, shape, color and size.

Production and
CD/DVD duplication

We produce and duplicate CDs and DVDs carrying out constant quality control during all phases of the production cycle.

Production and
Vinyl Duplication

We create vinyl records loved by young and old who wish to have in their hands a product of the highest musical quality intended for enthusiasts and collectors.


We create customized packaging for the packaging and distribution on the market, even at newsstands, of CDs, DVDs and Vinyl records, which in turn are often contained in accessories such as jewel boxes and DVDboxes or in paper converting packs.

Ennobled prints

We ennoble your printing with UV 3D effect, perfect for all types of large and small prints: company brochures, product catalogues, prestigious invitations, up to business cards.


We produce customized paper converting packaging according to the customer’s request

manual processing

We physically realize the customer’s ideas, working creatively on his needs. The manual processing enhances and makes the finished product unique. © 2023 - AMG srl with registered office in Amg srl Sede legale: p.zza Immacolata 10/12 napoli 80129 - P.IVA 06199141216 - @Design VIB Group