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Production and duplication of CDs and DVDs

The CD contains data in digital format and can be read by Audio players or by pc players for the CD-Rom (Compact Disc Read-Only Memory) format.

AMGDisk produces and duplicates CDs in two types of format: CD-Audio and 12 cm CD-Rom. 74 minutes of music or about 150 MP3 files on a 650 MB audio CD.

The DVD whose acronym means “Digital Versatile Disc” replacing the previous “Digital Video Disc” looks like a normal CD on the outside, has the same diameter (12 cm) and the same thickness (1.2 mm), but has a higher data capacity.

AMGDisk produces and duplicates DVDs in three types of formats: DVD 5 4.7gb” DVD 9 8.5gb” DVD 10 9.4gb”.

For the duplication of CD Audio/Roms and DVDs AMGDisk uses special high-tech machinery which allows meticulous quality control during all phases of the CD processing cycle. The duplication of the support takes place from glass master (the main mold from which all the copies in the desired quantities will be replicated in a perfectly identical way).

The printing on the support surface (label) of CDs and DVDs can be printed in CMYK from 1 to 5 colors including the white background.

12cm CD-ROM/Audio

The 12cm CD is a type of optical media compliant with the Philips standard, with a capacity of 650 Mb/74 min., containing data in a digital format and readable by PC players and CD-Rom (Compact Disc Read Only Memory) devices.

AmgDisk can customize the front side of the 12cm CD by applying a serigraphic finish boasting up to 5 colors, as well as using offset printing and special processing methods.

MiniCD – CD Rom/Audio 8 cm

A small CD with a large capacity that allows you to store movies, music and data up to 180 Mb/20 min. in just 8 cm in diameter.

AmgDisk provides miniCDs with direct screen printing up to 5 colors.

The miniCD is compatible with all cassette drives on the market.


The DVD-ROM medium can contain any type of data and its content can be read by any PC equipped with a DVD player, both ROM and RAM. Since the type of content is irrelevant, the DVD-ROM can be used to create a DVD-Video provided that the files saved on it fulfill certain conditions (just like the CD-Audio, which is essentially a CDROM medium containing a set of files coded in a specific format).

The DVD-5 version is the most widely used type of optical medium at the moment.

– Supported capacity: 4.7 GB, or up to 2 hours of video content encoded in standard DVD quality

– DVD layers: 1 (12cm SS/SL)


The pre-printed DVD-9 format can contain up to 8.5 GB of data, or up to 4 hours of video encoded in standard DVD quality. This type of media consists of two separate layers, one printed on top of the other, physically held together by a very thin layer of glue. Since the information recorded on the medium can be read from any of the two sides of the disc, all content is accessible and playable without breaks.

– Supported capacity: 8.5 GB

– DVD layers: 2 (12cm SS/SL)

DVD 10

The DVD-10 format can contain up to 9.4 GB of data, or up to 4 hours of video encoded in standard DVD quality. As with DVD-9, this type of media consists of two separate layers, one printed on top of the other, physically held together by a very thin layer of glue, but in this case information is recorded separately on both sides of the disc. As a consequence of this, the DVD-10 media containing 9.4 GB of data require the user to manually change the side of the disc that is being played, in order to continue playback of the recorded content.

 Supported capacity: 4.7 GB for each side

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